Thursday, February 21, 2008

In Style

On Tuesday, Heywood made the trek down to the flatlands of Sacramento to witness the finish of stage 2 of the Amgen Tour of California. He was accompanied by his wife, son, the Chef, and Big Cat during that rainy cold afternoon. The moisture in the air did not frighten off thousands of spectators meandering about the event expo while waiting the arrival of the racers. All the reps where there, explaining why their shit is better than the stuff in the adjoining tent. Free samples of energy drinks and stickers were passed out to all who had an open hand. Three jumbo televisions displayed the race with live feed while everyone got there cycling fix. Very nice venue.

While Heywood’s family and friends were walking about trying to establish the most strategic position to observe the last few laps around the capital and final sprint, he snuck off to the capital building to visit one of his friends at the State Capital building who just happens to be a State Assemblyman. It just so happens that this politician also had some complimentary passes to the VIP hospitality tent adjacent to the finish line. Unfortunately, there was not enough passes for everyone Wood came with. Decisions, decisions.

When Wood returned to the finish area where his friends were eagerly awaiting his return, he did what any good friend would do given this situation….. Told his friends he would call them later and let them know how it was rubbing elbows with California’s movers and shakers.

This is the ultimate way to watch a bicycle race. Free booze, petite attractive waitresses prancing about giving out stuffed mushrooms and lots of other tasty crap and seven flat screens HDTV’s surrounded Wood. Freaking awesome. And the race was great too! Tom Boonen pulled off and amazing finish from way back. Wow!
The Chef and Big Cat are out there somewhere.
Free booze!