Saturday, January 26, 2008

El Campeón Hermoso

Now that Miss Hotness has disposed of other-young-up-and-coming-hottie in the Aussie final Moveitfred can now return to the drudgery of his life as well as his somewhat regular programming.

By the way, Sharapova is Russian?

Yes, ok, and Moveitfred is Mexican.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Hi fuckers. Missed me? Sorry to have been gone so long. Had a little something up the river to handle.

To pass my time over the last month, I've been running 5 days a week to stay fit. Cycling on the indoor toy too. Got to get back in the pool soon. Must make it happen...Feb 1! There. There's a resolution.

And to those of you who thought I was gone for good, I say PAH! It's in my blood...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Brand New Day

Moveitfred knows what he'll be doing Friday night.

Y'know, Moveitfred is down with the whole women's movement and equality and justice and respect. Moveitfred tips his man appendages to the champions who led the fight.

But, whooo doggies, ain't nothin' wrong with the contemporary combatants these days, yo.

(note to reader: 3bicoastalboys will be a women's tennis blog--with, perhaps, a smattering of Mantitties--until the match ends on Friday night. Thank you for understanding)


After weeks and weeks of no contact and with individuals continually pestering Moveitfred to solve the mystery and shed some light on the situation, Moveitfred actually both sighted and spoke to Al Bangorhard today.

Moveitfred was able to knock off a quickie photo of Al with his cellie camera, and let Moveitfred just say there was something...uh...different about Al. He just didn't seem himself. Perhaps a changed man, or some such transformation? Moveitfred's not sure.

Al showed up at the factory not quite dressed to code, but besides that what captivated Moveitfred was Al's stories of heroism and adventure from these past weeks.

Apparently Al went all Chris McCandless on us, dropping out of the world of technology and human contact and into a much darker place of spiritual wildness. Al spoke in strings of rambling, garbled thoughts about "federal corruption" and "the temple of his manhood" and "the mysterious vulva of earth." There was also talk of great floods, squalor, and vast expanses of wilderness.

Crazy, weird-ass shit.

In all Moveitfred had a hard time connecting the dots and getting a handle on the whole situation but, regardless, it's comforting to see Al back and feeling good about himself.

Perhaps one day he will even post something on this blog.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Moveitfred loves tennis. It borders on obsession for Moveitfred. And what better way to pass the time through a cold NE winter than to religiously watch the action from warm, sunny Australia?

(cycling content)

Monday, January 21, 2008

You want what?

Is Wood way out of line or what?
A few weeks back, the weather in California was rather chilly due to some low pressure system from Alaska. Along with the system came rain, wind, and as previously mentioned, cold freaking air. Cold temps and rain don’t bother Wood one bit. Just throw on the right clothing and he is ready to brave the elements.

One cold morning, Wood and the Chef headed out for what was supposed to be at two hour ride. Let’s make this point clear, a TWO HOUR RIDE. Not gone for two hours. The roads were free of traffic. The air was crisp and clean. Just a splendid day to be riding through the foothills of northern California.

About an hour into the ride, the Chef asked to stop by a gas station for some food. In Wood’s small mind, he was thinking the Chef forgot to munch before he left the house and wanted to consume an energy bar or banana to refuel his body WHILE riding. So the two pulled over at the only gas station along the route. Of course, the Chef forgot money and Wood lent him some money. What are friends for?

Five minutes later, the Chef walks out with a bag of beef jerky, some salty nuts, and a cup of steaming hot coffee. WHAT THE F%CK? A cup of coffee? For the next 15 minutes, the Chef just sipped his latte whatever. What kind of bullshit is this? When asked why he got a cup of joe in the middle of a ride he replied, “Nothing like a steaming cup of coffee to warm the soul,” or some crap like that. How about a hard f%cking ride to warm the soul? With a wife and child at home, two hours is all the time Wood had to exercise this particular day. If one wants to ride and take breaks, go join a bike club. They love doing that shit. Once a month they probably buy the drink for all who attend. But when riding with Wood, it is to ride. Not talk, drink, or make friends with the local celebs. Exercise is the goal, remember? Is this one pet peeve Wood should just try to let go?

Sunday, January 20, 2008


With 2008 firmly in our grips, the time has come to start planning the racing/training year. Main goal this year, improve my overall aerobic fitness level. The power seems to be there in short bursts. And technical skills have been my strength, carrying me nearly every ride. What pulls me down like an anchor is my freaking cardiovascular and pulmonary systems or lack there of. Stuffed into my elfin thoracic cavity is the heart of a lab rat and lungs from a 92 year old life time smoker. I pledge to cut the smoking this year and quit looking for cheese all day long. Instead, lots of hours on the bike following a rigid training program.

This was week was Base week 1 and it went down the toilet, literarily. After almost one solid week of training, some stomach bug infected the Wood household and wiped us all out. Shit was coming out of both ends. A liter of saline in the arm helped rehydrate the body since I could not keep anything down.

With two days of moping around, doing as little as possible I am feeling much better. Lets hope week 2 goes much better.

So back the whole racing thing. I have picked out a few races I would like to do this year.

Cool Mtb race, March 9th
Dirt Classic Mtb, April 13th
Downieville Downhill Classic, July 12-13
California Fireman's Olympics

The Downieville race is priority number 1. I am hoping that an enhanced aerobic fitness level will help me with another goal, TO RIDE THE CHEF INTO THE GROUND. I am tired of him chipping his teeth the whole way up a long arduous climb while I am gasping for air. Complete destruction is the only option.

There will also be cyclocross races but who knows what that schedule will look like. I do know that I will be out on the east coast for the world cup race and Glouceter for sure. Fred, get my room ready ASAP!