Saturday, December 4, 2010

Heywood Inspired Holiday Message

Coffee does indeed spark the para-familiar, brother/sister buggery.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Where have you been.

Well hello everybody and Merry Freaking Christmas! After two years of having Heywood's computer at the "geek squad," (which made it impossible to post anything) they finally called today to say the computer is fixed. Talk about a slow turnaround time. Sheesh!

Lets catch up on the goings on the west coast. Heywood has gone through three mountain bikes in this time but is currently riding a Yeti ASR-7 which is the cats meow. There shall be a review to follow another day. His dream rode bike has arrived, but it turns out to be kinda vanilla. And, well.... sounds like we are up to the present now. Moving right along.

Mrs. Heywood is very much like Moveitfred, she enjoys a nice cup 0f joe to get her jacked up in the wee hours of the morning. And to try to keep nagging and bitching to a minimum, Heywood purchased her a KitchenAid Proline burr coffee grinder which arrived yesterday. Trying hard not to bore the followers of this blog, (if they do still exist), a burr grinder offers a more consistent grind to the beans without heating them up which affects the flavor. Mrs. Heywood, the Chef, and Heywood Jablome himself sat down to sample some cafe from this new grinder. The verdict...AMAZING.

After loading the hopper with the Mrs. favorite roast, the grinder was put to work. The desired coarse grind for the french press was achieved to perfection. Coffee beans where ground uniform as expected from a burr grinder of good reputation. The machine was quiet and surprisingly quick. Due to some combination of the slow speed motor and the glass catch basin, there was no static cling. There is no timer, but who really needs one anyway for a process that only takes ten seconds. After brewing the coffee in a french press, no sludge was found at the bottom of the glasses, which can be caused by a nonuniform grind. This is common place with the crappy blade grinder that Papa Jablome passed along to this casa. Truly, this is an incredible machine. Advice to all who brew coffee at home, buy a KitchenAid grinder and be Merry. Bad news, Mrs. Jablome was chipping her teeth while nagging about everything once she consumed her cup.

One last thing, here is the most recent photo of Al and Fred I could find. Sweet Dreams.