Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Al intervenes...

Sorry Fred. But the image of that big bastards balls blinding that poor chick was causing me to taste bile every time I entered the blog. I had to take it down.

Please forgive me.

Monday, May 5, 2008


To be, or not to be, that is the question...

Al has some thinking to do...

So, today I did a little research. and what I found sent my mind spinning a bit.

First, a little background: as I told you in a recent post, I'm back to (or close to) my best 1/2 marathon times. Though my best times were 10 years old (when I was 29), I'm matching those now. This got me thinking and looking about. Like any marathoner, I'd love to run Boston. Many people run it (they just jump in and run in the mix unofficial or they buy a number from an injured party or they do a fund raiser and get special access). Only a select number qualify and run it "officially." It is considered the premier marathon event.

Now back in the day, my marathon PR was a 3:16 and change. I wanted to do Boston, but my qualifying time then was 3:10. I just couldn't get there. But, on the next running of the Boston (4/09), I'll be 40. My qualifying time for that is 3:20. Back in the day, I ran a number of marathons at sub 3:20. I ran 7 or 8 in the 3:17-3:19 range.

So here is what I'm asking myself: self, if you can get yourself back to almost PR time for your 1/2 marathon...can't you do the same for your marathon time? If I do that, or even close, I'll qualify for Boston. Wouldn't it be cool to do Boston on your 40th? The voice says.

Here are the problems with that thought line:
  • I'm jumping into the tri season with both feet this year. I'm booked up for tris through late August. I'll need to qualify for Boston in a Fall marathon, if I hope to do it in my 40th year. That doesn't leave me much time.
  • Even if I decide to cut short my tri season (say...skip the last tri I'm signed up for?) I have no way of knowing if I can whip these bones back into my past-best marathon shape.
  • I'm in the NYC marathon lottery. If I get into that one, I'll be psyched. I haven't gotten into NYC since 02, though I've done the lottery each year. BUT...NYC is not a fast course. I'm thinking that I might need every bit of help I can get. One usually chooses a flat/fast course to try and bag a PR. But the little voice says, grow a bag. Think how great it would be to qualify in a tough marathon on your home turf.
Oh decisions, decisions...

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Al is very healthy. He is very into tea. Especially in the office.

Good for Al.

Just keep your used teabags off Fred's desk, m'kay buddy?


If you ain't laughin', you cryin'...


Al and Fred may now rest...

It was an eventful weekend for Al ... and for Fred too (to a lesser extent).
Al and Fred were responsible for putting together the first annual Acme Mechanical Equipment Tool and Die Festival: A Celebration of Tool and Die Manufacturing. This event was a rousing success, bringing together the best in tool and die manufacturing from our region. It took a good deal of planning and work to pull off this event, but we did it.

Al also ran the Long Island 1/2 today, 5/4.
I ran the race in about 1:37.30. The exact time has yet to be posted. I had 1:38 at the finish, but my adjusted time will be about 30 seconds or so took a while to get over the start line with all the racers starting at once. I'm happy with this time. I was doing about 7:30s or a few seconds faster for the race.

Last year's LI Marathon time for AL = 1:38.39

I looked back at some more of my times from 10 years ago. I'm happy to see that I'm still in the same zone I was: Brooklyn 1/2 in March of 1998 = 1:37.33; Bronx 1/2 in July of 1998 = 1:36.19 ; Grete's gallop (a 1/2 in Central Park) in 10/99 = 1:39.36 ; Staten Island 1/2 in 10/99 = 1:35.06.

A lot happened for me in those 10 years. I got married. Became a dad 2x over. Moved 4x. Put on 35 pounds. (And boy was I slow as shit when I put that weight on...Brooklyn 1/2 in 03 = 1:56.07.) Lost 35 pounds. Changed jobs 2x. Aged from 29-39. Started triathloning. And a lot of other silly shit like this. Anyway...the gist of all this is that I feel pretty good about finding my way back after losing it in my mid 30s. That's all.