Friday, May 16, 2008


Moveitfred knows that every cycling brain donor in blogosphere is linking this clip of Millar tossing one off in the Giro, yet what's yawking Moveitfred's chain (so to speak)is all the douchebags splurking on and on about their "disappointment" and "outrage" at the dopey Brit.

Moveitfred would love to see these douches pecking away at the keyboards in their little cubicles. "Millar has no respect for the sport or his sponsors...."


Moveitfred once tossed his Davidson across the yard and against a tree because the fucking brake pads were rubbing. Moveitfred is such a badass! Moveitfred wanted to toss the piece of shit up into the tree and let it rot, but the combination of old-school steel (circa 1980's) and his limp-wristed physique left the bike kind of skittering across the grass and into the maple's root system.

Moveitfred, however, made his point loud and clear.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Kicking some ass in Los Angeles last week.

Moveitfred pussed out riding his bike around the secretary's desk at the factory. Sheeet. Al, we's got some work to do.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

indestructib-AL etc.

This is one of those posts that has a lot of shit in it. I'm sitting in a Greenwich, CT hotel lobby drinking a pot of coffee while the mrs. does a spa treatment. (Weekend away for Mother's day, y'all.) So I've got some time on my hands...

1) Al K. accompanied me the other day to Runner's Edge for our new Wetsuits. We both got QR Ultrafull's. Cold water training will commense ASAP.

2) Related to #1, I've got the Ironclad Tri in Glen Cove on the 24th. This is a sprint tri, so the swim is only a 1/2 mile. BUT current avg. water temp is 56 degrees. I'm told it will climb a degree or so over the next 2 weeks. Awesome! I'm very glad I've invested in a full suit. prior to this, I only had a John (sleeveless) suit. No way a big pussy like me could do this tri in a cut suit.

3)I just finished kitting out my commuter bike. My trip to work is from a park and ride that's about 1/2 way to the factory. The trip is about 17 miles each way. HOWEVER...the roads SUCK. Pitted, potted, debris strewn etc. So I converted my MTB to a bomber commuter. I slapped on a Surly rigid fork and some killer armadillo slicks. A few other tweeks here and there completed the project. I'll put up pics at some point.

4) Fred staged a duathlon out East yesterday. I missed this, being away. But Al K told me it was a kick ass success. I'm looking forward to the next one. Fred makes things happen. He's a do-er. In that spirit...this vids for you, Freddy.