Monday, June 9, 2008

Apples and Als

Gwad recently asked the intriguing question: whatever happened to Fiona Apple?

Moveitfred believes the answer can be found in the catacombs and secret spots of Al's home reno project.

Recently Al has taken on the affectation of a disturbed criminal mind. Before leaving the factory he will often shuffle up to Moveitfred and quip: "Time to go home now and have a bite of my apple...." He'll then punch the clock and hump it out to his rusted-out, circa 1977 Dodge van.

It's all very creepy.

Moveitfred believes that if Ms. Apple is not spotted soon someone needs to call the authorities.


Al here, you there. al is feeling very battered from several weeks of labor on the home reno project. We're coming along. Pics soon.

Al has the Long Island Goldcoast tri this weekend, Father's Day. This is a Sprint Tri, and, after the week we're having here, I doubt the water temp will be an issue. 90s and 909% humidity for several days. Nice training weather...NOT!

Anyway, here's a little something for Yogi Fred. (Off to class tonight, Fred-o?) I Think I'm beginning to understand what motivates you...