Saturday, March 1, 2008

Gotta Get Off My Ass, Yo


Al and Wood getting armfulls of girlie jeans, doing up the town, remodeling, busting out the kicks for runs, tearing apart the trails.

Slovenly Moveitfred sitting around the house and eating. 'Bout the only action Moveitfred has gotten lately:

Thursday, February 28, 2008

You asked for it?

As per the request of another bicoastal boy, here are some pictures of the ladies from Rock Racing.

For me, the jury is still out on the whole Rock Racing team/concept. First off, this team is so freaking flamboyant, covered in all that bling and crap with nothing to show for it. They arrived in Modesto for the start of stage 3 of the Amgen Tour of California with the biggest diesel pusher I have ever laid eyes on. Shinny black paint with a HUGE green Rock Racing logo on both sides. This bus was pimped out like Paul Wall’s grill. Following the bus was a Cadillac Escalade and a Bentley. Most teams have a Subaru or the like for a team car put these guys are rolling an Escalade and a Bentley.

Then there are the riders. Mike Ball will hire anyone who has name recognition, no matter what their story is. I understand they are currently trying to recruit The Chicken, Vin, Jan, and anyone else who has admitted to doing drugs because they need another chance. Too bad Landis is not for hire for a few more months. And then there is Cipo. The guy is a legend and all but he is the same age as Moveitfred. Come on.

Lastly, the R&R girls and entourage who I must say are looking pretty fine if you ask me (the girls that is). Boobs and ass all over the place covered up only by some overpriced jeans and shirts (the girls that is). The entourage decked out in black suits all for a bike race? I thought Puff Daddy was going to hop out of the Bentley.

Is this truly a positive representation of bike racing? RR was selling cotton t-shirts with a Rock Racing insignia on the front for $38. What is more surprising to me is that people were buying that shit. I guess it is not what I want to see, it is what the fans want. And let me tell ya, the people were surrounding the caravan of RR vehicles. Reminds me of the Disco bus last couple of years. Maybe this is what cycling needs in America. The fans seemed to be eating it up. Could this be a welcome shot of EPO for cycling, boosting fan fare after a couple of lousy years dealing with international cheats?

Like it or not, Mr. Ball is a genius. Now thousands more know about Rock & Republic than three months ago. His companies name is plastered all over the place in VeloNews and any other cycling publication, not to mention the TV time it got during the Tour of Cali. Lots of cyclists have money and I am sure they will drop some coin on the overpriced Levi’s. Fred, Al, where are your jeans?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

dismant-AL & assemb-AL

Al had his hands full this weekend. Our new home has been a project and a half. The latest project is a kitchen re-do which includes removing a wall between kitchen and dining room. Here's Al in the process:

Here's a pic of the wall gone:

The project will include removing the old windows and door on the kitchen wall to my right in pic's. Those will be replaced by a triple panel french door (outswing type). Those old windows in the dining room will come out and that whole back wall in dining room will be large casement windows. Outside will be a deck (backing kitchen and dine). Just beneath where Al is working on the ladder here (the transition between kitchen and dine) Al is building a big island.

I also began my training program for the LI 1/2 this weekend. Did a 9 with Al K and another running/tri buddy, Brooks. The 3 boys ran in the snow for a nice 9er. We went along at about 9 minute pace. It was a nice run, but slow and treacherous because of the snow/ice. Still, it was good to get out beyond 5-6 miles again. It's been a couple of months since I've gone beyond 6.

Tonight I've got a basement biathlon on tap: 4 miles on the tread/one hour on the spin. I've got 30 days of Night lined up for the workout flick...spooky!