Saturday, June 21, 2008


In which Al says, "OW! FUCK!"

I have fucked myself good and hard. 2 weeks ago, while ripping up flooring, carrying in wallboard, moving in and out cabinets, moving appliances, I severely herneated 2 discs in my back. This caused severe impingement on the nerve and essentially crippled me.

I'm doing a lot better now. I'm still in a good deal of pain and am not moving well. I still have a lot of limitation on movement and numbness/tingling down my left side. My tri season is over. BUT...The good news is that I am responding well to steroid therapy (2nd round of oral right now). Next week, I'll probably have a process where a specialist will use a fluoroscope and go in and inject 'roids right into the herneation. This is supposed to be very effective. Then we shall see. I've got a lot of impingement on the nerve which is causing the numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness. This is problematic as it can cause permanent damage. If the 'roids don't improve this, then I'll need at least one surgery. I'm hoping the AH-NOLD approach will work, and I won't need the cut job.

To make myself feel better, I just bought a nice Sampson Ti road frame, and I'm having it built up with a SRAM build kit. Pics shortly. I'm selling off the TT bike. Fuck it. My plan is to be well enough to ride in the RAC (Ride Around the College) with Fred at Summer's end.


moveitfred said...

Moveitfred had to look that word up.

"I still have a lot of limitation on movement and numbness/tingling down my left side":
Have the doc check for stroke, too.

"2nd round of oral right now":

Yes, Al, come out for loops around the factory where you used to work (I'm sure you've forgotten about that whole "incident" that got you kicked out of the place). Bring body armor.

Heywood Jablome said...

You see fred, I told you Al was not spineless.

Anonymous said...

Oh Al. That really is a shame. I hope you don't need the surgery. As you may have guessed, although we may feel bad for you, none of us would feel bad enough to go visit you in the hospital.

Hernaited disc treatment said...

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