Monday, October 13, 2008


Al gettin' all bunched because Freddo didn't provide any content to go along with the pic at Gloucester.


Freakin' uncrosslike warm, dusty, dry John Wayne Kill 'Dem Injuns conditions at the venue, Moveitfred no racey cause his po wittle elbow sore, the usual fast-cats rippin' up the course, Sachsies always have the best bikes, JD killer course setup and remembered the effin' cowbells on day 2 (thanks a BUNCH JD!), Andrew at CX mag coming through with a stylin' T for our hero, Mo B-Roy looking dapper in the new kit, freakin' Orange Wookie Gewilli commanding a venue prescence, Trackrich manhandling a chain on day 1 and scoring spot 10 on day 2, Sisson twittering allllll day, Artist Formerly Known As Felt sporting the Giro-esque black kit on a PINK zank, Ctodd somewhere, Solo leaving early to get back to the foundry, awesome brauts, oh that runup on day 2, Richie and Deb and the Twizzlers, Beer Garden!, then there's Meg, and a lovely two days in the sun with the fam.

Moveitfred scored some comp housing out in Lexington with the smaaaties compliments of the neighbors who have a 3 acre plot and farmhouse. Beautiful little intellects in that area. Moveitfred hung out at the local Peet's in the a.m. and wanted to kill people on day 2. How many of you would like to go through life wearing your base-grey Haaavad T and debating theories of 18th Century Chinese language/character development in the rural disaspora? At 7a.m. on a Sunday?

Shit, ain't the Sox in the playoffs?

Hey, great weekend Gloucester. See yas next time.


solobreak said...

Fred, hate to see you get a goosegg. You have lots of readers, really. Sorry I missed you. I wish you'd hunted me down. The tools in Lexington probably just came here for school and never left. We get that a lot. At least they have enough self respect to leave their Kansas City Royals hats at home. Next time you come I'll try to hook you up with a homestay in the D or the 'pan so you can see how real Boston mf's live.

moveitfred said...

An ex of Al's reads the blog, but she doesn't have thumbs and has a hard time typing. Can't hit the space bar so allherwordskindastringtogether. Could be similar circumstances plague many of our readers.

Ever think of wearing a big, orange suit so you can be more easily spotted?

miriamtwatkins said...

fuckyoufredyoufuckingassholeallovesme andpromisestoreturntomeoncehisbackcantakeitagainyoushouldtrymetofredi'dknockyourskinnylittledickin thedirt

moveitfred said...

Remind Moveitfred again about the thumbs. Something about a clove hitch and dock cleats, and then Al donning mask and snorkel in an attempt to find them in the murky depths?

miriamtwatkins said...


gewilli said...

As i was driving home I was struck by an idea... it would have been great to gather the tallest freaks for a photo with Treefarm, ya know.

Finally a photo of the Kona freak where he didn't look so freakish ya know?